We should be your partner

To us the most important thing that we can be to any stakeholder involved in a project is a partner.

For architects and design professionals our relationship begins with the function of our materials as it relates to working and living spaces. Our materials can capture a myriad of aesthetic requirements, but the systems each represent a technical or performance quality. Once used in conjunction with other building elements the systems should achieve the proper balance of form and function. The design around these product assemblies begins early and takes into account everything from energy performance goals to site staging. If we are successful partners in this phase the building should be designed with a focus that will not suffer from setbacks like budget restriction or lack of constructibility.

For owners and development partners Cladding Concepts can be consultative in narrowing down the different methods of designing and constructing a building envelope. Because of our roots as a division of a traditional building materials company, we not only act as a conduit to new and exciting material choices, but we can seamlessly support an end user by being a singlesupport system for a full building envelope. Our Cladding Concepts professionals typically work alongside our Belden Tri-State colleagues to create advantages like purchasing scale, workability of dissimilar materials, supply chain, site management and more.

For those that bring our materials to life by constructing and installing them, our most desired role is one that ensures technical soundness, ability to work well within the design requirements and an on site partner that ensure a quality assurance, budget and time plan are properly kept. In metropolitan areas and other challenging sites our job is successfully done by putting the proper tools to succeed in the hands of our installation partners.

For all of those involved, our primary goal is to be honest and worthy of trust, to remain a source of useful and timely information and most importantly to be partners in buildings that are designed and constructed ethically and with the highest measures of quality in every detail.

About Ventilated Facades

How does a Ventilated Facade work?

The system is based on the basic principal of the, "Chimney Effect", obtained by leaving an air gap between the cladding material and the perimeter wall of the building. The change in the air density inside the gap, due to the heat radiated by the outer covering, forces the air to move upwards and triggers a flow of natural ventilation from the bottom to the top.

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Our team


Division President


Luke Hartmann has over 10 years of experience with a myriad of building materials. He has a Bachelors degree from Rutgers University, an MBA from Northeastern University and is a LEED AP. He also serves as Chairman of the Sean Hanna Foundation and is an avid mixed martial artist. He has traveled to over 30 countries and is currently learning Italian.


Architectural Product Specialist and Project Development

(NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, MA)


Brad has a masters degree in architecture and management and is a registered architect certified general contractor and LEED AP. He is currently working on independent research projects and in his free time he enjoys playing squash with his two children.

Farah Mahmood


Project Management and Logistics


Farah Mahmood is an architect by profession and recently completed her masters in Architecture from CCNY/CUNY. Farah oversees the project management, material and design optimization, logistics and supply chain management. In her spare time she loves photography, traveling and cooking.


Project Manager and Architectural Product Specialist (NY)


Yves is a LEED AP with a BD+C Specialty and has a Bachelors degree in Architecture from NYIT and a Masters in Sustainability from CCNY. His interests include architecture, Japanese animation, soccer and considers himself a born artist who loves to draw. He is fluent in French and Dyula.

David Klein CCI


Project Development


David has over 20 years of experience in the Architectural Building Materials industry, with his passion and commitment focused on Rainscreen/Ventilated facades that date back over a decade. He has a degree in accounting from Iona College and continues his formal and informal educational through reading, coursework, and various education opportunities. He enjoys staying physically fit, cooking, and landscaping. David, his wife Abbie, and Levi (their rescue dog) live in northern New Jersey

Our capabilities

Design phase

Sourcing of materials to meet size, color and texture requirements. We will assist the design team with procuring finish materials for board and client approvals. Our team will also begin to help the architectural team understand how our assemblies interact with other materials as well as how they can achieve energy performance requirements and required codes.

Product Optimization

Once the system is determined we will begin to narrow down the different ways of using it. This will include reviewing details and refining the way the product will be assembled. This will also give us an opportunity to figure out how best to meet the budget requirements of project ownership.


Detailed bidding including costs of products, attachment systems,  fabrication and customization and engineering. We also provide shop drawings and full engineering calculations when required as well as working or layout drawings of our materials. 


Quality control through detailed shop drawing overview and close monitoring of product fabrication. Delivery scheduling is closely monitored by our fully staffed logistics department to ensure just in time jobsite deliveries. We also offer on-site job training for contractors who wish to refine their skills.

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