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Kingspan, started in 1965 as a small engineering and contracting business with a simple mission – “to make buildings better.” Their products help architects, developers and clients around the world build better by reducing construction time and costs, increasing energy efficiency and presenting façade decors in all ranges.


Cladding Concepts is a proud partner with Benchmark by Kingspan to bring our markets stunning architectural facades with inspiring finishes and perfect function. Working together with Kingspan we will offer the highest range of technical support, product mix, building envelope performance and on-site services.


Imagination is your boundary

Kingspan Benchmark Evolution Series offers a wide range of façade types with the ability to achieve a large selection of color options.

The AI Façade option is available in all panel cassette options and the color possibilities are endless. The aluminum facades are available in anodized, brushed, textured or powder coated finish. We can produce facades based on any color required.

AI Standard Color Range

AI Standard Finish Range

Kingspan Karrier System is a barrier wall system using Kingspan’s insulated panel technology with an integrated rain screen façade, offering the ability to use multiple façade options such as brick or thin brick, metals such as copper, zinc, stainless steel or corten steel, terra cotta and porcelain stone.


Typical Formats

This range can be cranked, mitred, curved and is available with an impressive range of joint connection details. The range includes:

•   BENCHMARK Evolution Axis (previously known as Standard Evolution) is a highly streamlined, sleek unprofiled insulated panel system; the perfect solution if you are looking to achieve a minimalist façade on buildings with large flat surface areas;

•   BENCHMARK Evolution Multi-Groove (previously known as Evolution G) is a premium flat panel that has two grooves engineered into its surface, thereby creating subtle shadow lines on the building's façade and an illusion of using smaller panel widths, but without the installation time constraints;

•   BENCHMARK Evolution Recess (previously known as Evolution Q2) features depth and dimension through the folding of the panel edge and the insertion of a 10mm or 20mm gasket between the panels, creating a unique 3D effect;

•   BENCHMARK Evolution Reveal (previously known as Evolution J) allows for the creation of striking reveals through the installation of a standard panel. There are three reveal options to choose from: 50mm, 100mm and 150mm, creating a real contrast in depth;

•   BENCHMARK Evolution Reveal Recess is the combination of both BENCHMARK Evolution Reveal and BENCHMARK Evolution Recess. This is by far the most versatile product in the range, with a flexible reveal and a neat 3D recessed joint detail.

Designwall™ 2000/4000 features a double-sealed joint in both vertical and horizontal applications to maximize thermal efficiency and create a double barrier against air and water penetration.

Designwall™ 2000/4000 integrates with Flushglaze 4500 and 7500 window systems and Design Louvers

Thickness: 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”

Widths: 24”, 30”, 36” and 42” standard

(special widths 8” min. to 42” (DW4000) or 48” (DW2000))

Lengths: 4’ - 24’ standard (in standard widths)

Reveal Options: 0.5” standard for horizontal application

Variable reveals available (tight – 6”)


One of the major advantages of insulated wall panels is that they represent the building’s façade, insulation, and air & water barrier all in one. 

•   Insulated metal panels can be mixed and matched to the designer’s preferences and laid up either horizontally or vertically.

•   Extremely high R-values and continuous insulation can be achieved.  

•   Insulated metal panels can be utilized only for their insulating and structural value and integrated as a Karrier panel to offer additional rain screen façade products.

•   Installation provides quicker property and business protection and loss prevention.

•   Preformed corners and curved panels can be used

•   Accelerated build speed through pre-engineered, single component, single-fix installation

•   Green Guide A+ Rating

•   Easily accommodates openings, penetrations and complex adjacent facades

•   Lifetime insulation continuity, thermal performance and airtightness (less than 3m2/hr/m2)

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