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Shackerley is a British manufacturing and fabrication company with capabilities in engineering and design of porcelain and stone systems from the world’s finest sources. The SureClad system allows CCI to provide the world’s most advanced façade system which comes to the project completely prefabricated – cut, edge profiled, meshed, anchored and sequentially labeled. All of the fabrication takes place under strict ISO-9001 controlled conditions.


The system has extensive United States testing including:


          • AAMA 501.6

          • AAMA 509-09

          • ASTM E-283-04

          • ASTM E-330-02

          • AAMA 501.5-07

          • The system is non-combustible with a 0 fire rating.


The system benefits are:


          • Strict tolerance in securing a fully mechanical anchoring system – no adhesives are required or ever recommended.

          • Reduced labor costs and time because of a fully premanufactured cladding system and a simple yet highly adjustable backup framing system

          • Extremely safe to use and to control in the field. Can be installed non-sequentially and all tile can be independently removed for inspection or for backup wall access.


The SureClad Access System is a strong, lightweight system that allows simple installation with great ability to adjust to field tolerances. There is a vast line of choices of color, sizes and finishes. Anchors and support straps can be assembled under strict tolerance at the factory to allow for ready-to-install panels once they arrive at the project site. This reduces installation time and ensure the most important aspect of the mechanical installation takes place under extensive scrutiny as opposed to fluctuating jobsite conditions.



SureClad Access System
SureClad Access System

Sureclad Hang-On System is available for panel thicknesses up to 30mm and can accommodate panels up to 10’ in length.

Sureclad Hang-On System
Sureclad Hang-On System

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