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Alucovering ® by ALIVA is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced architectural response on the market to the demand for ventilated façade wall cladding using sheets of extruded aluminum alloy.

As a producer of bespoke facades Alucovering represents decades of engineering, manufacturing and architectural design experience for a wide variety of facades all over the world. They have a vast body of knowledge for successfully producing products for the United States market.

With this system, every detail, every construction feature is directed not only at solving critical problems but also at the reliability of claddings that are subject to the daily actions of wind, thermal shock and the corrosive action of air-borne pollutants.

Single skin metal manufacturing


Alucovering profiles are available in over 400 shades of color in various surface finishes.


•   Glossy

•    Metallic (zincs, corten steel, copper can all be recreated)

•    Marbled textures

•    Matt textures​​​​​​​

Alucovering color range

The anodizing process allows for satin, shiny or brushed finishes and can also be used to create decors such as wood grains. Powder coating the material and high firing allows the product to be pigmented but this also protects from environmental factors. In powder coating the material, effects such as Corten steel and other popular metal finishes without weathering or degradation effects can be achieved.


The Alucovering system gives the capability of constructing a metal rainscreen with a cladding product that is manufactured with strict accordance to tolerances and controls in a world class factory setting. Unlike many composite metals the Alucovering product is 100% extruded aluminum (and therefore 100% recyclable) and offers strength, rigidity and is 100% non-combustible. These are qualities that many ACM products do not offer. While the system is modular in nature there are endless capabilities to mix profiles, joint types and sizes as well as customize the system to your architectural design vision.

Typical sizes

Heights from 7 ¾” up to 19 ¾” with lengths up to 20’

Concealed/butt joints can be obtained to maintain high ease of installation and decreased deflection with minimal horizontal joints.


2mm to 5mm depending on panel length


Alucovering standard profile

CCI Alucovering 1

Alucovering standard profile

CCI Alucovering 2

CCI Alucovering 3

CCI Alucovering 4

CCI Alucovering 5

CCI Alucovering 6

In addition to the "standard" shapes in the catalog, we can produce special shapes and sizes, to personalized designs in order to satisfy the demands of the professional who wants to add a personal touch to the cladding.


The system can be installed on adjustable T and L profiles or on continuous horizontal girts where required. The simple anchoring system clips at the top of the tile and the bottom slots in to a starter rail or the lower tile slot. Installation is quick, easy and with limited parts and can be adjusted or inspected quickly and safely in the field.



Corners can be open joint or extruded into angles for seamless corner returns.

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