General Company information

Agrob Buchtal is a German ceramic tile company headquartered in Schwartzenfeld, Germany (about 100 miles north of Munich) that traces its roots back to 1755.  The current corporate structure is the result of the merger of AGROB Wessel Servais and Buchtal Deutsche Steinzeug in 1992. 

In addition to the Kera Twin terra cotta façade cladding line, Agrob Buchtal also manufactures the KerAion line of porcelain tiles as well as a complete line of residential interior ceramic tiles. Agrob Buchtal also manufactures architectural and swimming pool ceramics and as a result can offer an almost unlimited range and glazed tile color choices. 


Agrob Buchtal has two choices of unglazed finish: Unglazed Natural or Design.  The Natural allows a mottled finish of the tile body while the Design unglazed is a thicker, more monochrome finish.   Agrob Buchtal also offers the Design glazed SpectraView for those desiring a glossy finish.  Both come with the easy-to-clean “Light Works” HT coating.  Titanium Oxide (TiO2) is baked into the finish at firing.  This decomposes microorganisms such as fungi, algae, moss, and microscopic germs.  The surface becomes hydrophilic upon wetting and prevents the adherence of dirt. 

Agrob Buchtal offers:

       •   54 SpectraView (glazed, silky-matt) colors
       •   6 SpectraView (glazed, glossy) colors
       •   13 Natura (unglazed, through-body) colors
       •   4 Design (unglazed) colors
       •   22 Design (glazed) colors. 

They also offer unlimited choice in custom color glazes. 

Nature Unglazed Collection


1140 Contruct 1 H

1141 Contruct 2 H


1170 Bosco 1 H

1171 Bosco 2 H

1172 Bosco 3 H

Design Glazed Collection


1090 Haze 1 H

1091 Haze 2 H

1092 Haze 4 H

1093 Haze 3 H



1110 Mega 1 H

1111 Mega 2 H

1112 Mega 3 H


1180 Metal 1 H

1181 Metal 2 H

1182 Metal 3 H


1115 Rockface 1 H

1116 Rockface 2 H

1117 Rockface 3 H


1100 Stonewall 1 H

1101 Stonewall 2 H

1102 Stonewall 3 H

1103 Stonewall 4 H

Spectra Glaze Colors

The colors shown on these pages are available for all systems KeraTwin® and KerAion; in KerAion formats only up to a panel width of 2”.

In addition to the variants shown, the production of individual articles is also possible. After a short check of the individual case for technical and economic feasibility, we will be pleased to provide you with project-specific information.

Product type

Agrob Buchtal manufactures the thinnest and lightest terra cotta façade tile in the industry today, the 20mm thick Kera20.  Not only is it a third to one-half thinner and lighter than any competitor, it can be produced in lengths up to six feet.  Each Kera20 terra cotta panel has specially designed grooves in the back of the tile that match to the Omega vertical mounting rail.  This allows the contractor to install the tiles without using any tools, bushings, or clips.

Main characteristics:

•    With eight extruders and five kilns Agrob Buchtal boasts the quickest delivery timeframes in the industry.  Standard lead time is 10-12 weeks  

•    Each tile is given a special HT coating that is sealed into the finish at firing.   The façade has an anti-bacterial shield that is activated whenever it is wetted.  The facade become “self-washing.” 

•    Agrob Buchtal offers in-house engineering for all of their products as part of their basic services.


Typical sizes

Agrob Buchtal tiles come standard in regular sized intervals of 25mm and 50mm between 200mm and 500mm:

Up to 1,200mm (3'9")  in length

       •   200mm (7 7/8”)
       •   225mm (8 7/8”)

Up to 1,500mm (59")  in length

       •   250mm (9 7/8”)
       •   275mm (10 ¾”)

Up to 1,800mm (70.8") in length

       •   300mm (11 ¾”) 
       •   325mm (1’- ¾”)
       •   350mm (1’- 1 ¾”)
       •   375mm (1’- 2 ¾”)
       •   400mm (1’-3 ¾”)
       •   450mm (1’-5 ¾)
       •   500mm (1’-7 3/4”)


Agrob Buchtal tiles come in two thicknesses: K20 and K18.  The 20mm thickness tile is for all-around use.  The 18mm tile is attached with the clamp fastening system and is used where irregular bonding patterns are desired.  The K18 is also the thickness used if the tiles are to be pre-cast into a concrete wall panel.


Agrob Buchtal tiles come in five textures:

       •   Smooth
       •   Grooved
       •   Stripy
       •   Brushed
       •   Sine Wave


System recommendations and installation techniques

Omega on Hat Channels

System Rail

Omega Rail



•   KeraTwin tiles can be mounted either horizontally or vertically over aluminum substructure or precast into cement panel.  The substructure is attached to the building’s slab edge, CMU or concrete wall, or metal stud & sheathing.

•   Agrob Buchtal enjoys a very large share of the world’s terra cotta cladding fabrication and has numerous successful projects in the Northeast Corridor.

•   The 20 mm thick tile offers superior strength and technical performance in a much thinner and lighter weight product. This is highly important for a decorative façade panel as it not only induces less stress on the sub frame and structural members of the building but it also allows a larger cavity for ventilation and/or added insulation value.

•   Because of the lighter weight of the material, contractors have a greater range of choices for hoisting and scaffolding.  It also requires less manpower to install.

•   The lip in the back of the tile and the Omega clip makes the Agrob Buchtal system up to 20% faster to install and leaves less room for installer error. These factors usually make the system the most affordable in the world.

•   Agrob Buchtal offer a full selection of baguettes, corner pieces, custom made shapes and sizes.  These 3D façade ceramics come in lengths of up to 1,800mm (5’-11”).

•   The patented HT technology reacts with sun and water to self-clean the terra cotta tile and naturally wash away any impurities leading to reduced or elimination of maintenance for the life of the structure.

•   The connection details and lightweight nature of the tile means it can be used with confidence in cantilevered and soffit conditions.




Agrob Buchtal offers four corner solutions:

       •   Mitred corner (45 degree)
       •   Mitre undercut
       •   Terra Cotta corner 90 degree
       •   Terra Cotta corner rounded
       •   Aluminum external angles (650, 652, 654)

Attachment Rails

The vertical Omega rails come in two versions

       •   Straight (620, 625)
       •   T-profile (690, 698, or 695)
       •   Embrasure (deep corner) (635)
         Mitred Corner (630)
       •   Corner Baguette

Installation Steps

       •   Installation of the basic substructure (L and T clips)
       •   Installation of vertical rails
       •   Installation of the vertical Omega 620 rail
       •   Installation of the terra cotta tiles


When the specified materials are installed by a certified contractor, Agrob Buchtal will warrant the system for a period of ten years from substantial completion.  If required, longer warranties can be agreed upon.

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