Webinar – Structural Insulated Sheathing Presentation

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Fire Related Structural Insulated Sheathing

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Presented by JC Cotton, CCI ArmorWall Product Manager

(1 HSW-AIA Credit)

Currently Available for Private-Firm Presentations.

Reach out to info@claddingci.com for more information or to set up your private webinar. 

Description: Participants will receive 1 HSW Credit for this presentation on fire related structural insulated sheathing. The presentation will cover the thermal and performance efficiencies of a fire related structural insulated sheathing assembly along with its excellent fire ratings and NFPA 285 approval. We will review product detailing including the attachment of a myriad of claddings and sub-framing systems directly to the fire related structural insulated sheathing while providing continuous insulation and code compliance.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the control layers of exterior building assembly and the product options available
  • Explain the positives and negatives to each option
  • Understand fire related structural insulated sheathing (SIS)
  • Discuss the benefits associated with fire related SIS panels
  • Explain the forces acting on water that enables it to penetrate the building envelope