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Specialty Terra-Cotta Facades

Cladding Concepts International is the exclusive United States distributor for Ceipo Ceramics.

Ceipo is a leading artisan Italian facade creator known for the quality of their processes, raw materials, and finished products. They are a recognized trademark in over 30 countries, including the USA. Ceipo, in harmony with Cladding Concepts International, provides their customers customization in colors, shapes and sizes, through collaboration, specialization, and exclusivity.

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Custom Colors, Textures, Sizes & Shapes

Ceipo Ceramics was born of the CEI family in 1977 in Montallese in the province of Siena, Italy.  Heavy hearted in the Italian traditions, Ceipo is family run and operated by father, daughter, and son. The family’s goal is to bring their production of glazed ceramics to the world market. Their start began with the development of solar screen ceramic units, which are widely used for both privacy, façade ornamentation, and energy efficiency.

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The Ceipo family continues improving and innovating with the Italian entrepreneurial spirit. Their research persuaded Ceipo to add façade ceramics as another product class. They began making high-performance glazed porcelain and stoneware elements using single-fire production methods. With the use of customized glazing and artistic shapes, Ceipo has evolved into a world class manufacturer of all façade and roofing ceramics.

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Cladding Concepts International is the exclusive United States distribution partner of Ceipo, based in New York City. CCI provides full attachment systems, field and design support, and US based logistics support for Ceipo operations in the USA. In addition, CCI employs a full-time quality assurance agent based in Italy for all production management.

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Ceipo also specializes in unique sun-shading shapes for decorative double-skin facades. The tile can be used as accent bands or as full facades for shading of sensitive areas.


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    Ceipo specializes in bringing your wildest imagination into a reality, due to our expertise in developing custom glazes, a massive range of specific colors can be achieved. 

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