Webinar – Ventilated Facade with Porcelain Exterior Cladding

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Ventilated Facade with Porcelain Exterior Cladding

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Presented by CCI Product Specialist

(1 HSW/LU AIA Credit)

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This presentation will review the history of facade architecture including the definition, description, and origins. How to use ventilated facades as a saving energy system. Review technical details with visible and invisible solutions including the technical performance and why porcelain is the best material for a ventilated facade. Architectural and structural design will be reviewed with a case study.

Learning Objectives:

  • Ventilated Facades: visible and invisible systems, assembling, and technical features
  • Comprehend energy saving performances
  • The Use of Porcelain in Ventilated Systems: material performances and advantages
  • Understand the structural and architectural design: a case study
49th Ave, NYC
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Case Study: 49th Ave, Long Island City, NY