Webinar – HPL Compact Panels for Exterior Drained and Back-Ventilated Rainscreens

CCI Projects

HPL Compact Panels Attachement Methods for Facades

Presented by Lauren Mulrooney, CCI Product Specialist

(1 HSW-AIA Credit)


Currently available for Private-Firm Presentations, reach out to info@claddingci.com for more information.

This program will provide education and an understanding of the components and mounting of HPL panels in a rainscreen facade.

Reach out to info@claddingci.com for more information or to set up your private webinar. 

Learning Objectives - After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components involved in mounting High Pressure Laminate Panels on a façade
  • Have an awareness of the different aesthetics that can be achieved with HPL mounting systems
  • Know the pros and cons of various materials used as HPL mounting systems
  • Select the proper HPL mounting system details for their intended design
  • Design an HPL Façade with proper airflow and drainage
  • Understand attachment methods for Continuous Insulation and for HPL panels and how they interact
  • Know what questions to ask in terms of code compliance with HPL assembly options