Webinar – Terra Cotta Facades

CCI Projects

Terra Cotta Facades

Presented by Bradley Saint-Laurent, Product Specialist, CCI

(1 HSW-AIA Credit)


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This course describes the manufacture, specification, history, and installation of terra cotta facade systems. We will review of the development of the first terra cotta wall systems in Germany in the 1980’s and technological advances since. We will also discuss the production of both fired clay masonry and the composition of various backup systems that constitute a terra cotta facade system and the codes that govern the materials and design parameters. Last, we will review the proper execution of installation of the terra cotta system.

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Learning Objectives

  • There will be explanations of the codes that govern the materials and design parameters in the areas of:
    • Flame spread and smoke generation
    • Thermal, water, and air control
    • Structural requirements of a properly functioning system
  • There will be a review of the requirements for proper execution of installation and techniques relative to other trades affecting the terra cotta system and its life-cycle