• 1282 Boylston Street - Boston USA - Terracotta Facade
  • Office Building -  Austria - Exterior Compact Panel
  • Forum Center - Brescia, Italy – Terracotta Facade
  • Goodwin College - Connecticut, USA – Exterior Compact panel
  • Muhammad Ali Center - Louisville, USA – Terracotta Facade
  • 202 8th Street - Brooklyn, USA - Terracotta Facade
  • Ikea Office Building - Helsingbor, Sweden – Porcelain Facade
  • Pauley Pavilion UCLA - Los Angeles, USA - Terracotta Facade
  • Electrogroup Office Building - Cluj Napoca, Romania – Porcelain Facade
  • Finchley Memorial Hospital - London – Terracotta Facade
  • Antakalnio Terasos - Vilnius, Lithuania – Terracotta Facade

Welcome to Cladding Concepts International

Our goal is to make your building envelope come to life


Cladding Concepts International is the ventilated facades and specialty products division of Belden Tri-State Building Materials. The parent company has been serving the Northeast region with building products for over 80 years and has proudly supplied some of the most notable projects in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Cladding Concepts International specializes in building technologies that offer unlimited design concepts in easy to install lightweight assemblies. Our systems are known for building efficiency and structural performance.

CCI boasts a vast portfolio of façade systems for all finish applications, including interiors, and delivers turn-key solutions. Our services start with design and material sourcing and façade and energy optimization. We assist with plan, detail and construction document overview and finally implementation through high quality manufacturing and project delivery management.

Our key value comes from our people. With experience across multiple facets of architecture, construction and building materials our team approaches every project with the importance of design, budget and end-use quality as focuses.


Cladding Concepts International’s mission is to be the leader in façade products in a constantly adapting building environment. We vow to offer the highest quality products and most importantly the greatest service package. We aim to assist our partners with design enhancement, cost engineering and ultimately a building façade that boasts environmental and energy performance and protects the built environment for decades and decades. Our staff vows to conduct itself with honesty, integrity and with a focus on satisfying our architectural, development and construction community in every stage of the project.


Environmental protection is one of the most pressing concerns for the 21st century, especially for the building sector. All aspects of society hold a responsibility and a common interest in this endeavor. Thankfully, actions
and attitudes are changing.

CCI is committed to being as sustainable as possible. Our projects always incorporate principles of energy and resource efficiency, practical application of waste reduction, pollution prevention and thermal stability. All these elements ensure the highest performance of your building and the most efficient energy performance of your living and working spaces.


Fundermax Compact Panels offer versatility in design without any sacrifice in durability or product performance. The choices are limitless. 


Agrob Buchtal terracotta is the world leader for good reason. The system offers versatile design ability in a lightweight and easy to install system. 


Imola provides  the best porcelain rainscreen systems available in the market. The product always reflects and anticipate the latest trends in the world of architecture. 


Hoesch manufactures the Planeel series of metal rainscreen as well as a variety of insulated metal panels in different sizes, profiles, and thicknesses...


Pohl has an unmatched reputation for intricate and highly specialized metal fabrication. If you are looking for the best, look no further. 


Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always at the interface between ideas and material function...

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All of our products are considered “best in class” and come from highly respected factories across the world.


We will never say no to a design concept. Our job is to take any imagined design and implement a strategy to achieve it using the most advanced building system technology.


We offer experience and specialization in products, assemblies and implementation. Many companies offer products but very few offer the advanced packaging of materials and services that Cladding Concepts International offers.


Our work is not done at specification. We work through budget phases, bidding, design and engineering, quality control at point of manufacturing and finally on-site training and delivery management. You will never see us “pass the baton” because we follow our projects from original concept until your façade is 100% complete.

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